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American Standard 2862.056.020 Fairfield review

2862.056.020Equipped with an elongated toilet bowl, and a beautiful, modern exterior, this is fast becoming one of our favorites from this brand. It certainly makes a case for featuring in small, to medium sized bathrooms, with a reasonably space saving design and a wealth of options to work with function wise that will make your visits to the lavatory far more pleasant.

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The good

It’s no secret that that AS is one of the more highly rated toilets in the industry. They consistently bring out new products that are designed to keep up with their competition as well as bring in innovative designs to make day to day usage much more convenient to me and you.

The outer design itself looks far more modern than some of its predecessors. We believe the reasoning behind this can somewhat be attributed toilet being a one piece as well as the unique shape on the tank and trap way. Those of you who are looking for a minimalist vibe, may of found an excellent match that brings out the best in, and compliments other features of the bathroom.

Includes a toilet seat that matches the theme of the bowl and tank, which is much more important to keep in theme. You will do well to remember that not all products offer a seat with the product, so you’re potentially saving that little bit of extra money, along with the extra time consumed on finding one.

The elongated, siphon action bowl will work in conjunction with the slick finish to effectively reduce micro bacteria, odors, and germs with every flush. However, like any unit, it will still require cleaning every so often. What’s more, people can expect a respectable low flow flush, consuming just 1.28 GPF, which is marvelous.

With all features accounted for, there can certainly be a case made for it providing good value for money. The addition of the seat among other things such as being water saving, will play its part in ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. However, we still don’t feel we can classify it as a low budget model.

Plenty of positive ratings can be found around the web, which certainly point more towards its positives rather than its flaws. That’s a great sign, and something which can be utilized to research even further into finding out other consumers opinions.

The bad

There could be some limitations on the states in which you can purchase it.

Some consumers have noted that it operates quite noisily in their experience, which was quite frustrating for them. However, this does seem reasonably isolated in the grand scheme of things, as the good comments by far outweigh the bad in the reviews we have found to date.

Not well suited for those of you looking to spend as little cash as possible. If you want a lower budget model, we suggest looking elsewhere. However, take into consideration that the lower the cost, the more features you are probably sacrificing, as well as potentially needing to get a new seat too.