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Best 12 inch rough in toilets 2021

Struggling to find the right toilet in terms of measurements and features? You will see a list of products below that fit the 12″ rough in requirement, as well as providing some specs that make them suitable for home usage.

Top 3 picks – our ratings

K-3654-47 Kohler K-3654-47 Persuade 8/10
403080-96 Sterling 403080-96 Windham 8/10
270BA001.222 American Standard 270BA001.222 Cadet 3 8/10

270BA001.222American Standard 270BA001.222 Cadet 3

It’s worthwhile knowing that this brand offers many different styles, but one of the most favorite range from it is the Cadet 3.

This model fits ADA specifications, deliverable a more natural and chair like height for seating that will ensure that sitting down and standing up again is easier on the body. It comes in a linen color, has a two piece set up, and the trip lever is located on the front of its tank.

Additionally, the vitreous china material, 1.6 gallon flush, combined with the Ever clean surface, offers a easily cleaned bowl that helps reduce the bacterial, mold, and mildew build up.

But, with all the positives, there comes a negative. This unit doesn’t include a toilet seat which is unfortunate as it becomes an extra expense.

403080-96Sterling 403080-96 Windham

The Sterling toilet brand may not be as popular a choice as some of its competition, or receive the most feedback, but what it does have is a set of specs that are designed for performance and convenience without needing to break the bank to get your hands on.

The 1.28 gallon, watersense flush is operated through the trip lever on the left hand side. The system itself is siphonic and despite in not using much water, you will find that it’s designed to effectively clean the bowl or waste and bacteria in day to day use. A glossy finish ensures cleaning of the surface is simple.

The installation shouldn’t be too bad either, with a three bolt system designed to save you time and the warranty offered provides limited five years coverage.

However, once again, the seating will be something you have to find separately.

K-3654-47Kohler K-3654-47 Persuade

Fans of more unique designs may appreciate the K-3654-47 from Kohler. It has a two piece construction with a unique tank shape and a almond finish.

Operates on dual flushing technology, users will have the chance to pick between a powerful 1.6 gallon flush or a 0.8 gallon flush. One for solid waste removal from the bowl, the other is more suited to liquid removal. This can help make water savings over time. There isnt a trip lever, instead, users will find a two button actuator which will enable you to choose between each flush.

The bowl is compact, and its dimensions are 31.5 inches in height by 14.188 inches in width by 27.625 inches in depth, meaning this could be well suited for medium to smaller sized bathrooms.

Things to look out for before you buy

Efficiency – Bathroom brands these days are designing products that minimize water consumption. There are numerous products available offering various amounts of gallons with each flush,  but some of the most common options you will come across are the 1.28 and 1.6 gallon. In dual flush options you can sometimes get a flush as low as 0.8 gallons. So, if you want a model that does its part for the environment, this would be something to keep track of.

Flush system – The many types of flush can confuse consumers. And rightly so. Modern technology has produced an industry where you have many differing styles. However, you cant go far wrong with gravity based. But it’s important to understand there are many alternatives to consider too.

Dimensions – Knowing the amount of space you’re going to need is the first step of the buying process. Space saving features of individual products can include round bowls, and tanks that are triangular – or even tank less, to minimize the amount of space taken up. Then of course, you should already know your rough in specs. In this case, we are looking at ones that fit twelve inches, but we also look at other measurements throughout the site.