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Best 14 inch rough in toilets 2021

Need help finding a toilet suitable for your needs? We have compiled a list of products that will fit a fourteen inch rough in, and also provide a good amount of features with decent flushing technology, and water efficiency, all the while remaining mindful of the price.

Our picks

K-3949-0 Kohler K-3949-0 Highline 9/10
402078-0 Sterling 402078-0 Windham 7/10
K-3947-0 Kohler K-3947-0 Wellworth 8/10

K-3947-0Kohler K-3947-0 Wellworth

A nice exterior design that has a more traditional white finish, but at the same time does have similar products that are sometimes available in sandbar, biscuit, and almond. Color comes down to individual preferences and tastes when it comes to style, but be aware the price tends to change between colors. With a round bowl and dimensions of 29 inches by 29 inche sby 18 inches, you can expect to save a fair amount of space too.

Additionally, the K-3947-0 comes from the Wellworth range of Kohler. A little bit of research into consumer feedback from this product range will tell you a lot. And for the most part you will find a mixture of positive and negative comments and reviews, leaning more towards positive than the latter currently.

Perhaps one of its stronger selling points of this unit is the class five bulk flushing performance which highlights the effectiveness of its flush despite it only using up 1.28 gallons.

The warranty policy included provides users with one year limited coverage.

402078-0Sterling 402078-0 Windham

Next up on the list is the 402078-0 from the Windham range of the Sterling toilet brand. This unit comes with a rounded front to improve space consumption and make it a possibility for smaller sized bathrooms. To give you a rough idea of measurements, and space required, the dimensions are 29.2 inches by 16.9 inches by 28.6 inches.

It comes with a white color, with a glossy finish that compliments the siphonic flush to help it remove as much of its waste and bacteria as possible.

The surface area of the water at the bottom of its bowl is also slightly larger than average, measuring at nice by eight inches, which will help keep odors down.

Nothing particular stands out about the design, in fact, we feel it’s a bit plain on that front. But functioning as a toilet for home usage, it gets the job done.

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase a seat and lid separately as that is not part of the package. Something to look out for.

K-3949-0Kohler K-3949-0 Highline

Again coming back to this brand. This is a product that has been fairly well received by customers that have reviewed it so far on several of our online sources. We believe there are several reasons for this, which some good features listed within the specification list.

This is a comfort height option, which means that it’s designed similarly to that of a chair. The added height this will provide when compared to standard options, will be welcomed by people of all ages and abilities. But perhaps most of all, senior citizens, or people whom find standing and sitting down difficult.

It provides class five bulk flush performance and combined with the flush of 1.28 gallon, you get a cleaner environment in your bathroom, through using less water. It’s win-win in that respect.

However, with all these features, you can expect to be paying slightly above average prices.