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3 Best Compact Toilets for Small Bathrooms (2021)

Not everyone is going to have the luxury of a large, spacious bathroom. In fact, there are plenty of people shopping around that tend to be looking for smaller to medium sized rooms, with a need of not just a smaller toilet, but other accessories as well.

We have scoured the web and analyzed some well known products that fall into this category, as well as carrying out research into their most important features and specs, such as the bowl shape and dimensions.

Top rated small toilets

2889218-020 American Standard 2889218-020 9/10
dc011323wh-orrington Danze dc011323wh Orrington 7/10
k-3615-0-gabrielle Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle 8/10


k-3615-0-gabrielleKOHLER K-3615-0 Gabrielle

So what can the K-3615-0 do for you? Well, there are numerous specifications that would lend themselves well to people with less floor space available. For example, the elongated bowl doesn’t take up much room and it measures just 28.4 inches by 18.8 inches by 28 inches. Then there is the design itself, which is one piece so that it has a reduced footprint compared to those found in two piece variants.

Feature wise, you get a water saving toilet that operates on just 1.28 gallons in each flush. Which is also economically friendly. The flush is AquaPiston gravity style, allowing water to rush through the bowl from all sides which rids the bowl of waste effectively.

It has a modern white finish that will help brighten a dark room, which can be a common complaint in smaller bathrooms and the inclusion of a seat is always a welcome addition.

The brand itself has produced plenty of highly rated options, and is well respected in the industry which is always a good thing.

dc011323wh-orringtonDanze DC011323WH Orrington

The DC011323WH model is another one piece design that measures 29.1 inches by 28.9 inches by 18.8 inches. 

The standout features include a 1.28 GPF gravity flush, which makes it a WaterSense option and a modern style exterior that has a unique feel to it.  The skirting goes all the way to the back where the tank area which is a nice touch.

It fits a standard twelve inch rough in, and comes with a seat that has soft close technology to be rid of those irritating slamming noises when people get up in the middle of the night.

However, with all the upsides, there is a downside. This isn’t going to come cheap. In fact it’s rather expensive compared to much of the competition. Not really suitable for those working with a tight budget.

2889218-020American Standard 2889.216.020

The AS brand is one of our recommendations we make for several reasons. Firstly, if you look at consumer feedback across the board, you find many more good reports then bad, and secondly, they have some great designs with innovations that enhance user bathroom experience. And the 2889218.020 looks like it’s no different with the inclusion of some good specs, and plenty of positive comments coming its way from buyers.

This is a more affordable option, that doesn’t quite offer the same accessibility in terms of providing a chair like height seat. However, with the dual flush system, both of which are low flow at 0.92 and 1.28 dependent on the flush you use, it still holds its own against much of the competition on the market.

It has a EverClean surface that effectively fights bacteria and mold. Which will play its part in reducing the amount of odor being emitted.

But whilst it may be cheaper, you will still need to buy a seat separately as it’s not included with the package.


Before you take the plunge and pick a toilet from the choices above, you can carry out a bit of research yourself to get the best chance of finding a suitable match. Some are obvious, others, not so much. Either way, take the following notes into account so you don’t find yourself purchasing a product blind.

Bathroom size – You’ll need to ask yourself how big your current bathroom is. Will the floor space allow you to fit a loo in? Additionally, set a limit on the dimensions allowed, so that you can rule out anything over your set limits.

Type – There are numerous ways space can be saved with innovative designs. One possibility is a wall hanging option, which does a great job in saving leg room. Another option is to go tank less, which will enable you to push further back towards the wall thanks to the absence of a big, bulky tank. Then, for very specific scenarios, there could be a case made for composting style loos. How you approach this is entirely your choice, but these are three types to consider.

What to look for?

Aside from the general sizing information, there can also be numerous features and functions to keep tabs on that can make or break a models performance. We explore a few of these in detail below.

Gallons per flush – The standard seems to sit around 1.6 GPM, but there are also models that have specially designed flush to protect the environment and save water, and these are usually fall between the 0.8 to 1.28 GPF range. Both of these lower figures meet the environmental protection agencies standards, so if that’s something you fancy doing your part for, that’s what you should be aiming for.

Rough in – You can learn more about rough in using our guides on the sidebar. However, you should know beforehand what your measurement is between the wall and the center of the waste outlet, to make the decision making process easier, and filter out models that don’t fit your requirements. The most common is around 12 inches, but that isn’t the only choice.

One piece or two – Generally, one piece designs make use of the space given to them better than two piece. The tank tends to stick out that little bit further on many two piece designs.

ADA – These are sometimes known as chair height, or right height and are designed to make accessing the loo easier by providing a taller toilet.

Comparisons – Make sure you compare toilets online to see how one matches up against another.