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Best elongated toilets 2021

The shape of the bowl is yet another under researched area by consumers. With all the flush technologies and styles currently available on the market, you can see why it’s so easy to overlook. However, if you’re on the lookout for something comfortable, then check out our top rated elongated toilets below.

We aim to cover all the bases to provide an extensive buying guide for our readers that will ideally help you save money and hopefully get a perfect fit for your bathroom requirements.

Top 3 picks

K-3754-0 Kelston KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston 9/10
CST244EF#01 Entrada TOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada 9/10
2794119.020 American Standard 2794119.020 /10

Our elongated toilet reviews

Listed below, you will find several of the top rated toilets with an elongated bowl. We have done our best to provide consumers with a wide amount of choice in brands, flushing systems, price, and efficiency to ensure people from all walks of life find something suited to their needs, be it a low budget option, or even complying with specific industry standards.

2794119.020American Standard 2794119.020

The American standard brand name is one of our favorite brands mainly because they tend to consistently bring out wonderful bathroom fixtures with consumer comfort and convenience in mind. That remains true in the 2794119.020’s case too with some fantastic features and technology built in to make day to day usage simpler.

Aside from the shape of the bowl, it has plenty of positives, which includes the low water consumption in the flush, which is listed at 1.28 GPF by the manufacturer. This is a fair amount lower than what the standard tends to be these days (1.6), and does its part for the environment.

Then you can make a case for the no hands flushing technology allowing it to hold its own against much of the competition through sheer convenience alone. This is something you often find in commercial settings, but not very often in a home environment. The technology itself is very simple, utilizing sensors on the tank area in which one moves their hand over to achieve an automatic flush.

A three inch flush valve plays a role in ensuring it remains difficult to block. Which combined with the fully glazed bowl, and a reasonable amount of power will easily get rid of both solid and liquid waste.

However, with the inclusion of all these features in the spec, you can expect to spend quite a bit more than your average priced toilet. But if you’re looking for quality, this is certainly an option.

CST244EF#01 EntradaTOTO CST244EF#01 Entrada

One of the best TOTO toilets in the medium to lower budget price range. And with good reason. This has a whole range of things that can effectively improve users bathroom visits be it in design, or functionality.

Feedback and ratings online give hint at an underlying quality despite the low cost. From what we’ve found so far, consumers seem to be very happy with their purchases and the comments made do in fact, reflect that. But why? Let’s take a look at some of the key specifications below.

For starters, anyone wanting to conserve water, will certainly find this unit to their taste with 1.28 gallons being used with each flush. You can read more about water saving toilets here. But, for those of you who want the highlights, this will help protect the environment for future generations. Individually, the amount saved may be insignificant, but if all modern households in America installed one, you can expect large percentages, and huge amounts being saved each week.

Works on a E Max flushing system, is compliant with ADA high toilet design rules and includes a larger than average three inch valve which will play its part in preventing blockages from occurring.

Unlike some toilets, this isn’t particularly bulky and reasonably compact with dimensions of 24.4 inches by 14.4 inches by 30 inches. A excellent choice for small and medium sized bathrooms and those not looking to break the bank in buying new fixtures.

K-3754-0 KelstonKOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston

An excellent choice for those readers who appreciate the clean and modern designs offered by this brand. This is actually one of my favorite KOHLER toilets for a number of reasons. And it’s not just down to how it looks. The amount of features included for this price range is great. Of course, you have competitors who offer similar, but this one in particular holds its own and is ideal for someone looking to modernize their lavatories.

The added room and comfort provided by the elongated bowl is one thing, but the overall performance is something else entirely. And this one seems to stand up to scrutiny with plenty of great options built in that will deal with waste effectively and efficiently.

And whilst it may not quite be as ECO friendly as the two mentioned previously, it still only uses 1.6 GPF which is always a positive in our books.

The flushing system includes an AquaPiston cannister that does a superb job in cleaning the bowl and ensuring the majority of waste and bacteria is flushed out. And in doing so, reducing the amount of odor.

It falls in what I would believe to be the medium tier range and will be a excellent choice for home usage. One to keep in mind.


In conclusion, the products listed above are what we feel are among the top rated elongated toilets. This is of course, an opinion. However, by scouring through individual specs, we can paint a picture of how effective it may become in specific room sizes and for different budget levels. And we hope we were able to provide you with sufficient information in this buying guide to help you find a solid match. Best of luck toy you.