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Best Kohler toilet reviews 2021

Kohler are a well known brand in this industry. They have produced high quality toilets over the years that have gained plenty of popularity among consumers looking to modernize their bathrooms through using their minimalist, yet modern designs.

There is no shortage of styles, flush types, and features in many of their products, so how do you pick one from the crowd? Well we’ve researched into several of the best selling Kohler toilets and analyzed their specs to give you a in depth review of what to expect from them.

Top 3 picks

K-3950-0 Tresham 7/10
K-3609-0 Cimarron K-3609-0 Cimarron 7/10
K-3987-96 Wellworth 8/10

Our Kohler toilet reviews

Because of the vast amount of choice in the types of flushing toilets, along with the many differing features that can come with a specific model, there can often be confusion when looking to find one fit for your own bathroom. I hope to give you a head start by reviewing some of the best selling and popular ones below.

K-3819-0 MemoirsKohler K-3819-0 Memoirs

This is a two piece option that falls in our medium to higher price range. Comes with some great specifications that focus on user comfort and convenience. Which is highlighted by the fact that it’s a comfort height, meaning it’s at a similar sitting level of a standard chair.

A twelve inch rough in, and a great flush mechanism that only consumers 1.6 gallons. This certainly has the makings of being a high performance loo whilst also looking out for the environment by saving water.

Made from vitreous china and comes with an elongated bowl whilst having a nice and bright white finish. Will certainly spruce up the space and give it a more modern feel.

A three bolt set up that saves you a lot of time installing it, and to give you an idea of space taken up, its dimensions are 31 inches by 28 inches by 17 inches.

K-3609-0 CimarronKohler K-3609-0 Cimarron

Another product that has proven quite popular among consumers. Whilst conducting my research across the various retailers online, people who have purchased it have been pleased with the results so far. However, relying on ratings and feedback alone is a fast track way to make a mistake in buying something. So lets have a look at exactly what you’re getting below.

For starters, the elongated toilet bowl and comfort height seating features work well together to ensure users are comfortable whilst seated and find it easy to get off and on. And because the bowl is reasonably compact, you will find you have more leg room sitting down. This works especially well if you have a smaller sized bathroom.

The bowl gets flsuhed with water from all sides thanks to the AquaPiston canister. This will give it an edge over standard options in the industry, and provide a cleaner, more hygienic bowl.

Dimensions are listed as 30.75 by 28.75 by 17.62 inches and weight as 119 pounds.

What’s more, it’s reasonably inexpensive and would fall into what I would consider a mid tier price band.

K-6418-0 CimarronKohler K-6418-0 Cimarron

A touchless toilet with plenty of good things going for it. By utilizing hands free technology, you don’t need to dirty your hands when flushing. Simply wave your hand over the sensor and let the K-6418-0 do the task for you. This is a much more convenient and hygienic way to use the bathroom.

Another model offering comfortable height seating. More accessible and simple to stand up and sit down upon. Combine that with the technology above and you have the real formula for convenience. You’d be amazed how simple addition can transform the washroom, and this one of them.

Operates on a gravity siphon flush that produces enough power with a water efficient 1.28 gallons to effectively get rid of waste.

And with all these features included, you can expect to find this is the mid tier price category. Affordable for most, but not quite low budget material.

Other units

K-3810-0 Santa Rosa

K-3989-0 Wellworth Highline

K-3754-0 Kelston

K-3816-0 Memoirs

K-3817-0 Memoirs

K-3950-0 Tresham


Over the years, there has been many releases of varying sub brand product ranges. Several popular ones are mentioned above, but there are also plenty we have overlooked to compile this list. These include Archer, Wellworth, Persuade, Kelston, Devonshire, and Tresham. Each of these have their own unique styles that fit a vast range of bathroom shapes and sizes. It’s this choice that makes the competitive and one of the more favored brands in the toilet industry.


Whilst we haven’t included every option in my list above. We do feel they are several of the top rated Kohler toilets taking into account the varying budget levels and requirements consumers tend to have. Just remember when shopping, keep in mind comfort, low water consumption – look for the WaterSense label, and take into account the flushing system and technology used. Keeping all of those things in mind along with the price, and you can’t go far wrong in your search.

If it was me choosing, I would recommend the K-6418-0. Simply because the technology in use makes my life easier, especially with arthritis. But the ones I’ve listed all have qualities in their own right.