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Best over the toilet storage 2021

Sometimes, finding storage space in small bathrooms can be a challenge. Even if you find a suitably small toilet that does a great job in saving space, it’s not always enough to fit what you want in.

Because of this, more and more people are turning to over toilet storage which utilizes an otherwise unused space above the tank. Many of of these products come with multiple shelf’s that ensure you’re able to keep all your items on it be it shaving equipment, toothpaste, a nice decorative vase of flowers or even air freshener. Whatever it is, the extra space is going to come in handy.

So to help readers find a suitable match for their own bathrooms, we’ve spent time scouring the web for some of what we feel are the standout options.

Top rated above toilet shelves and cabinets

household-essentials-3-tier Household Essentials 3 tier 7/10
wes-home-furniture WES Home Furniture 9/10
Riverridge Ellsworth Riverridge Ellsworth 8/10
Zenna Home 9820chbb Zenna Home 9820chbb 8/10


Zenna Home 9820CHBBZenna Home 9820CHBB

Coming in both espresso and white colors, people will be able to pick for their style taste and current bathroom theme rather than features alone. Some people prefer to not have too much white in one area, so the brown color will lend itself well for them.

The unit itself is free standing with space at the bottom to slide towards the wall easily. The design includes a nice open shelve which could perhaps be used for more decorative purposes, as well as a concealed cabinet to store all any beauty products, medication, and anything else that may effect the look of your room.

It’s made from wood, and to give you an idea of space required for setting up, the dimensions are listed as 23-1/4 inches in width x 66-1/2 inches in height x 8-1/4 inches in depth.

It’s a reasonably affordable option that will fit over most standard height toilets, and has received a good range of feedback from consumers.

RiverRidge EllsworthRiverRidge Ellsworth

This is a beautifully designed product that is also available in both Espresso and white, depending on your preferences. If you’re worried about it not providing enough stability whilst on the loo, you also have the option to wall mount it to hold it securely in place. The shutter design on the the small doors at the top look great and give it a unique feel.

Aside from the obvious benefits of more shelving space, you need to understand the height your current toilet is and match a product that will fit over it. This particular product is noted by the manufacturer as being able to fit above most standardized options, measuring 9.2 inches by 27.4 inches by 63.8 inches.

We’ve come across several reports from consumers on the web that talk about being happy with the solidity and stability as well as how easy it is to put together. However, as you will most likely be lifting this into place, we recommend you assemble it reasonably close to the bathroom to cut out a lot of the heavy lifting, and fitting through doorways.

wes-home-furnitureWES Home Furniture Bathroom Credenza

Those of you wanting a more advanced, albeit expensive option, may want to consider having a look at this option. You are provided with a good mix of open and concealed spaces to put all your things, but you will require a bit more width in floor space availability compared to many other products in this market.

The design itself has a white finish that can really help brighten up a dark space. At the same time it will help your bathroom become far more presentable, with many of the items you store being kept out of view, improving the overall aesthetics.

The product dimensions are listed as 5.6 inches by 16 inches by 24 inches, and the amount of places to put things puts it ahead of many of its competitors. The down side of this however, is you will find it’s a bit more expensive.

household-essentials-3-tierHousehold Essentials 3 Tier

For those aiming for a minimalist look, this model could be ideal. It’s got a very basic design, with three upper shelves that are all open and can be utilized for keeping things like towels out of the way.

One of the things the manufacturer lists that we feel is important, especially to those who dislike DIY, is its easy to assemble. Not everyone likes spending countless hours putting things together after all.

It has a nice curved touch on the top shelf which looks great, and gives it an elegant feel. For some, open space shelves isn’t ideal, but for those looking at making the most of the room space given to you, this could be a good fit.