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Best padded toilet seats 2021

It’s only natural to want the utmost comfort from all of the features and furniture in your household. These days, you can find great design add on’s that can enhance your bathroom visit experience. And that’s exactly what these cushioned toilet seats aim to do.

We take a look at some of the brands and products on offer below.

Top 3 picks – our ratings

TOVYSTBK04 Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBK04 7/10
Comfort Seats C3B5R200CH Comfort Seats C3B5R200CH 7/10
Mayfair 13EC 000 Mayfair 13EC 000 8/10

Mayfair 13EC 000Mayfair 13EC 000

This comes with a wooden core and a vinyl padding that will make cleaning and maintenance that little bit easier. This style is best suited to rounded bowls, so be sure to look at your current loo’s bowl style.

Reviews are something we always look into as they give an insight into what real users have experienced using a product. In this models case, there does seem to be a more positive than negative trend and the feedback does reflect that for the most part.

Reasonably priced too, for the added comfort, splashing out a little extra cash can be a sensible investment. If you like to mix things up a little bit in terms of decor, you will find a nice variety of choice in the colors available.

Comfort Seats C3B5R200CHComfort Seats C3B5R200CH

Another option with a wooden core and contains internal high density foam to soften the surface whilst seated.

Noted to be durable by the manufacturer and comes equipped with adjustable hinges to meet the varying installation standards on the industry. It could be a good match for those of you who dislike spending too much time on DIY. According to the manufacturer, this is only going to need a set of hands and a screwdriver to install. Simple, non time consuming way to implement something to your bathroom that improves it.

Whilst it doesn’t come with the same amount of choice in colors, the affordable price tag does work in its favor.

Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBK04Achim Home Furnishings TOVYSTBK04

Maybe not as well known as some big brand names on the market, but one that offers the specifications many of you are looking for in a padded toilet seat.

The classic combination of vinyl and foam provides the required soft surface, whilst being quick to heat up when seated.

According to the manufacturer, it will fit nicely with all standard sizes, and comes with adjusting hinges that will make light work of the installation process.

A product that’s simple to clean, not expensive, and may be a good match for those of you wanting something for a darker color theme.


To conclude, these are some of the more sensible options for those wanting either the added luxury of padded seats, or even if you need it for mobility/aches and pains. The extra padding can go a long way in making the user feel at ease and the fact that they tend to not be expensive and relatively easy to install make them a great addition to the toilet.