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Best Skirted and Concealed Trapway toilets 2021

If you’re looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing, skirted toilets could be exactly what you’ve been searching for. They are designed to conceal the trapway, which is the visible outline of the pipes on the outside of the bowl. These could certainly be used to help modernize your bathroom.

Our ratings

TOTO Aquia MS446124CEMG#01 8/10
WoodBridge T-0001 8/10
HOROW HWMT-8733 7/10

TOTO Aquia MS446124CEMG#01

As a leading brand in this industry, we tend to expect a lot from Toto. The Aquia doesn’t dissapoint either. After browsing through its specs, you can see the beautiful exterior with smooth sides around the bowl. Not only does this improve things visually, but also ensures cleaning it becomes easier.

It includes similar properties on the inside of its bowl too, with ceramic glazing called Cefiontect being applied. This can stop waste from getting into the ceramic pores, keeping odors at bay in the process.

The Dynamax Tornado flush mechanism will help rinse the bowl from all angles, and a clever part of its design is that it’s specifically designed to perform a quieter, less turbulent flush.

You’ll also be able to select two flush volumes, 0.8 gallons or 1.28 gallons. Both of which can help you reduce the amount of water being consumed in the bathroom. This is Watersense compliant and can make a noticeable difference in how much water you save. All this is operated by pushing a button on top of its tank.

The soft close seat comes with it which solves the slamming seat issue once and for all.

WoodBridge T-0001

The T-0001 from WoodBridge contains similar flushing attributes as the Aquia. It’s dual flushing, and highly efficient. Using either 1.0 or 1.6 gallons. Not quit as economically friendly, but it will still have the ability to save thousands of gallons each year if you use it sensibly. By sensibly, we mean only flushing liquid waste with the half flush.

This averages out to 1.28 gallons, and when you compare it to 1.6 gallon units, you could save up to 16500 gallons every year.

However, unlike the MS446124CEMG#01, which has a two piece design and a gap between the tank and bowl, this is a one piece unit. No germs can find there way into a gap there, because it no longer exists. The seamless exterior is perfect for keeping things clean.

The soft closing seat has stainless steel hinges which are designed to be durable and easy to wash. It also has a quick release function that will enable consumers to remove it as and when required.

The great thing about this product is its all in one design. You get almost everything you need to install it in one package. The seat, bolts, wax ring, and user manual are all included.


The HOROW could be a sensible choice if you haven’t got much space in your bathroom. A noticeable feature of its design is its shorter projection. From the back to the front of its bowl, it’s only 25 inches long. This is far smaller than average and great for smaller rooms. Not necessarily the most comfortable though.

In addition to this, the external design looks contemporary and stylish. It has a hidden trap, smooth edges, one piece, and finished in a bright white.

The siphonic flushing mechanism once again utilizes a two flush system, 1.6 full and 1.28 partial. Combined with the glazed surface, it will rinse the bowl thoroughly and effectively.

It’s floor mounted, meaning a rear outlet won’t be suitable here, and it will fit a 12 inch rough in.

What else?

Bowl height – You’ll need to decide if a standard height is tall enough for you and everyone in your household. If it’s not, then the next step is to look into comfort height options, adding a few inches from floor to seat.

Rough in – You should know what your rough in is before you buy anything. This is the distance from wall to waste outlet. Common sizes are 12″, 14″, and 10″. However, there are adapters that make these more flexible. The problem with getting this measurement wrong is that your tank could either be too close to the wall, or too far away, leaving a big gap behind it.