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Best Square Toilets of 2021 (Rectangular Bowl Shape)

If you’re not looking for the conventional styles and shapes for your bathroom, then buying a square toilet could be help contribute towards your interior design goals. So, if you’re one of those people who are willing to move away from the traditional styles, these may well offer a much more modern feel that can really improve the look of the room as a whole.

In this guide, we look at a variety of great toilets that not just meet the shape criteria, but also include a decent set of specifications that are user friendly, and offer good functionality.

Top rated products

duravit-2157010005 Duravit 2157010005 8/10
fresca-bath-ftl2336-apus Fresca Bath ftl2336 Apus 7/10
ariel-tb336m Ariel tb336m 9/10
eago-wd333 EAGO WD333 8/10


Listed underneath, you will see our top picks based on a whole range of factors including price, brand, flush, efficiency, and style. This enables us to present readers from all backgrounds and budget ranges with a possible choice for a replacement or upgrade.

ariel-tb336mAriel TB336M Ariel Platinum Aphrodite

This is undoubtedly a modern style one piece toilet from Ariel Bath that comes with a great looking exterior and a bright white finish. It will fit a 12″ rough in, and to give readers a rough idea of space requirements, the dimensions are listed by the manufacturer as being 14.96 inches in width by 27.79 inches in depth by 31.89 inches in height.

It operates on a direct style flush, which uses up to 1.6 gallons of water per flush.  Not quite up to the high efficiency standards, but much better than many older styles that can consume over 3 gallons in some cases.

To date, it has received some feedback from consumers, with majority happy with their product. Many of which are very happy with its looks, and despite what some would say to the contrary, several also note that it’s comfortable to sit on.

Not the cheapest option available, so those wanting to find a bargain will probably find a better deal elsewhere.

duravit-2157010005Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle

A one piece toilet from Duravit, which also fits a standard 12″, and boasts some great features and settings designed to enhance flush performance.

The stand out feature for us, is the dual flush option. This enables people to choose between a lower GPF (0.8 gallons) or a higher one (1.6 gallons) according to the waste that needs to be removed from the bowl. This will essentially help users make water savings by using the 1.6 flush only for solid waste.

One thing to keep in mind when tallying up expenses, is which accessories come included in the package which results can result in an extra expense for you. In the 2157010005’s case, it doesn’t come with a lid, which will need to be bought separate to the rest.

It’s a mid sized toilet with dimensions of 14.6 inches by 28.4 inches by 29 inches and has a nice white alpin color that gives off a clean, presentable look.

eago-wd333EAGO WD333

This is a floating toilet from the EAGO brand. That is a sensible choice for those needing something wall mounted, good for tighter spaces, and even for those going for a minimalist style.

Like the model above, this offers a dual flush system which includes both the 1.6 gallons, and 0.8, designed to be used for different waste purposes and potentially save water over a long period of time.

Something many people overlook when shopping is that these provide more choice in how you install it, especially the seat height. You have the ability to install it higher than standard products which gives it an advantage in that respect. Of course, this will depend on what your current bathroom set up is, where the waste outlet is and much more, but if all the requirements are met, having this choice is great and can offer a more comfortable experience to the user.

The warranty policy coverage includes one year on the flush mechanism, and seat, as well as five years on the porcelain parts.

fresca-bath-ftl2336-apusFresca Bath FTL2336 Apus

With a back that matches and compliments the front bowl, the FTL2336 looks effortlessly stylish with a ceramic white finish. It will fit a 12″, and measures 27 inches in length by 15 inches in width by 31.75 inches in height.

Cleaning and maintaining a toilet can be frustrating at times. But with the right features and materials built in, a lot of these potential headaches can be avoided. This model includes a glazed internal trapway that has polish to make it much more resistent to things like stains and build up of bacteria.

It operates on a single flush mechanism, with the trip lever located on an easily accessible position on the side of the tank. From this flush, the flow rate utilizes up to 1.6 gallons to clear the bowl of waste with each flush.

It’s equipped with a soft close seat that helps stop the accidental slamming shut, and given the fact that not all products come with the seat, this can be seen as a positive.

This is an expensive option, so it’s important to take time deciding whether or not this fit your own personal requirements.

Wrapping up

Whilst getting a square toilet may not be everyone’s ideal choice, it’s always nice to have this sort of alternative that doesn’t follow what every other product is doing. There would be no individuality if that were so. But, just like many of the products we review, many of the picks above come with some solid features that could potentially work well as an upgrade for your current set up.