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Best upflush toilet reviews 2021

In most cases, standard toilets are more than enough to get the job done. But what about those of you working with older homes, or perhaps looking to give your basement a makeover with a new bathroom? For such needs, you will more than likely require an upflush toilet system. This will effectively deal with waste by pumping it upwards after it has been broken down by a macerator.

We analyze some of the best options in the market by reviewing their positives and negatives, alongside in depth summaries of their individual specifications.

Top 3 picks

SaniBEST SaniFlo SaniBEST 7/10
SaniPLUS SaniFlo SaniPLUS 9/10


Our reviewed products below list out some of the highest rated options from the industry. Have a read through each of their features to help you decide what is the right choice for your own lavatory.

SaniPLUSSaniflo SaniPLUS

This comes with quite a lot of kit that will ultimately be less time consuming then going shopping for individual parts and components. It comes equipped with a macerating pump, along with the bowl and tank.

It has a pretty standard design that doesn’t look dated, is white, and has a elongated bowl.

It’s noted to be reasonably quiet in its operation which is fantastic as you no one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to clunking and sloshing noises from the pump and tank.

To give you an idea of its usage, you can install it up to fifteen feet below the sewage line, which is pretty impressive and makes it a perfect option for many basement toilets, and it really isn’t consuming much water with a one point six gallon flush.

Covered by a decent warranty policy too, with up to 2 years. Always gives you peace of mind to know that in the event something goes wrong you’re looked after.

However, with the various add ons included compared to your standard loo’s  you can expect to pay a fair amount more. This is an effective solution for pumping sewage upwards, but not necessarily a great solution for those on a tight budget.


Ideal for bathroom remodeling where getting through the concrete can prove difficult to break or simply to push waste upwards. It can be up to 150′ away from the connection to the sewer or septic tank and can be 25′ under the line. Great for deep rooms in the household that need an effective solution in place.

WaterSense certified using an impressive 1.28 gallons through each flush. Surprisingly eco-friendly. And comes fitted with a macerating system to break down waste effectively ready for pumping.

An elongated bowl, standard tank, and a nice white finish make up the design which looks great. It’s not going to take up a whole lot of space either measuring just 29.8 inches by 20 inches by 32.2 inches which is a fair amount smaller than some of its competitors.

Batteries are required for this model, with an average life of around three and a half hours, which isn’t too bad. You will want 1.9 volt batteries, with the first batch included with the purchase.

It’s also an ADA compliant seating height which is great for users  with disabilities like myself, and it’s always nice to know thought and planning goes into user comfort.

SaniBESTSaniflo SaniBEST

This is a upflush toilet kit that includes the tank and macerating pump to effectively break down the contents of your toilet ready to pump upwards to the sewer line.

Noted for being a heavy duty solution, this unit will consume 1.6 gallons in its flush, and the manufacturer has described it as quiet. Which is a feature we always look out for in our research. However, some consumers have talked about it being rather loud when the pump activates. So that’s something to consider before buying unless you’re happy with waiting until morning to flush it.

Installation should be fairly straight forward and the design is minimal, but pretty standard with a white porcelain material that’s easy to clean and ensures the bowl remains clean and hygienic.

But, as with many of the competition, you are not going to get your hands on this cheap. For people with medium through to higher budget this would be more suitable.

Why would you need one?

Probably one of the reasons more frequently popping up would be due to the lack of a pipe or drain system in an area where you need bathroom facilities. Sometimes you want to put such toilets in rooms that weren’t designed to be used as lavatories, so the fact that upflush toilets don’t necessarily need you ripping up the floorboards or drilling into concrete is why they excel and why there is a market for them.

The three selected are a few examples of products that have a good mixture of feedback around the web and great features that will handle the task they are designed for well.