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Duravit toilet reviews 2021

The Duravit brands history began in Hornberg, Germany, in the eighteen hundreds. More recently making the move to porcelain products in the nineteen fifties. The huge amount of time spent competing in the bathroom industry says a lot about the quality of its products and service offered.

We feel they provide some fantastic options to fit a whole range of purposes and bathroom sizes. This enables them to go toe to toe with several of the top brands. Listed below, we outline some of our top picks, along with those offering a more unique design.

Our choices

2157010005 Duravit 2157010005 8/10
2225090092 Duravit 2225090092 7/10

21570100052157010005 Durastyle

A one piece design with several great features and a very simple, but effective design. When researching into getting a new toilet, one has to be on the lookout for the potential drawbacks alongside the ways it can beneficial to you. One immediate negatives we came across is that the seat cover does not come as part of the package. Extra will need to be spent if this is a problem for you.

However, with the negatives, you also get a whole load of positives including its dual flush capability to handle solid and liquid waste differently with two amounts of water being pushed through the bowl. This system does a great job in saving water over the long term, with zero point eight gallons used by the liquid flush, and one point six by the more powerful flush. This is in line with several of its competitors.

The rough in is twelve inches, which is a key bit of installation information you should know before buying as not all toilets fit the same waste outlets and pipes.

Externally, we think it looks great with a white finish and modern curves through the bowl area and a more traditional, boxy tank. Nothing too complex, and not a unit that’s going to take up too much space either measuring at 14.6 inches by 28.4 inches by 29 inches.


Something that is becoming more and more common in modern bathroom designs is wall hung toilets. One of the reasons we take a shine to this type of design is that it’s so minimalist and can fit quite easily into smaller sized rooms which is always a positive.

So, with the compact nature, you can expect measurements of 14.4 inches by 21.3 inches by 14 inches, and a nice white colored finish that will help brighten the surrounding area and compliment a tiled or wooden floor. Part of the stack 3 range and will operate on a dual flush system.

Listed as eco friendly meaning limitations on its water consumption will help consume less water.