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EAGO toilet reviews 2021

Perhaps EAGO toilets are not quite as sought after as some of the leading brand names in the industry, but they are still one that has caught our attention after finding plenty of units with positive feedback on the web.

One of the first things we noticed in our research was their unique designs. They do tend to come in a nice variety of shapes and sizes, some offering well rounded edges, some more rectangular. This variety offers people the choice to fit their toilet into spaces of their choosing, and will help them bring their bathroom decor visions to life.

Top picks

TB353 EAGO TB353 9/10
TB309 EAGO TB309 8/10
TB351 EAGO TB351 8/10


At first glance, readers will notice a well rounded one piece design that provides a smooth white exterior that will look great among modern decorations and styles. This modernistic feel isn’t something that all brands come equipped with. Some lacking in that department with boxy tanks that don’t quite fit all room sizes.

Additionally, the specs aren’t too bad either combining a nifty dual flush system with low water consumption making it great for the environment and making huge saving on water. The ability to choose between two flush powers is something that shouldn’t be overlooked and is a wonderful feature.

One thing that isn’t always included when you buy a new toilet, is the seat and lid. That’s not the case here however. Both are included and one can expect a soft close system to prevent heavy slams after usage.

Price wise, it’s a little bit expensive, but for the features included, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to us. A sensible option for home usage and certainly one we pick as a higher rated unit.


Another option with a great external design that’s rounded and equipped with a wealth of features and functions to ensure usage is simple and efficient.

A three inch flushing valve combined with a one point six gallon flush for solid waste,  provide all the ingredients for an effective waste removal system that leaves the bowl clear, and clean.

Similarly to the toilet listed above, this also offers a dual flush option, the solid waste 1.6 GPF, and the liquid waste 0.8 GPF (gallons per flush). Simple options implemented to designs like this can allow households to make large savings on water.

The water surface inside the bowl is noticeably wider than average. And there is a reason for this. It ensures blockage removal, and cleaning is a breeze. It also helps to some extent in reducing the amount of odor.

A simple design, but one that looks great with plenty of positives going for it.


Not too dissimilar to several previous toilets made by this brand, with some of their trademark design features included. That is certainly one of their strengths we noticed, you can easily recognize them when you compare them to several other options in the industry. Setting yourself apart is important as it can give the bathroom a unique feel that many are aiming to achieve.

This model offers a dual, eco friendly flush, that again, will ensure users have the choice between a standard zero point eight gallon flush, or a more powerful, one point six. Typically, the lesser amount is for liquid and the higher is only advised for solid waste to ensure water is conserved. To flush, the button is located at the top of the one piece tank, ensuring it’s easy to reach.

Again, the inclusion of the seat and lid provides an all in one package that isn’t always guaranteed with other models, which can set you back an extra one hundred bucks or so for buying them individually. Not to mention you would otherwise need to research a seat that fits specific measurements. This can only be seen as a positive.

It’s not particularly bulky and will quite easily fit in smaller to medium sized bathrooms. The dimensions listed are 26.8 inches by 14.1 inches by 27.1 inches.


Overall, we feel EAGO design some excellent toilets that are not always in line with what we believe to be the standard exterior. However, not everyone wants normal, and these units can add a fantastic modern touch to the home. Additionally, one can expect environmentally friendly models that give users a choice in how much water they use thanks to the dual flush system.

For some people, they may not be quite in their price range, however, it’s important to remember to get the right balance between quality, durability, and affordability. That’s why we always recommend our readers also take a look at several other brands before you make a purchase.