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Finding the best flushing toilets of 2021

Squeezing time from your schedule to research into and understand what the best flushing toilets are and why can be difficult. The amount of time consumed researching into the various brands, models, styles and more can be a monumental task.

That’s why the toilet throne aims to handle and simplify as much as this problem as possible using in depth guides and reviews to make the buying decision making process a lot more fluid and knowledgeable.

Listed below are some good flushing toilets to get the ball rolling. Hopefully it will help shorten the time spent shopping and any worries associated with that.

Top 6

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush American Standard H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush 8/10
OTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Elongated One Piece TOTO Ultramax Elongated 7/10
TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated 9/10
American Standard Town Square American Standard Town Square 7/10
Danze Orrington One Piece Danze Orrington 8/10
TOTO Supreme One Piece TOTO Supreme 7/10

The basics behind a good flushing toilet

As time has gone by the designs of flushing toilets has improved and evolved. There has become an added need to use less water, which in turn has effected the way in which most flush systems work. They now focus on the power and speed of water movement rather than adding extra gallons in. All in the name of not wasting water, which we feel is a step in the right direction, as it makes manufacturers focus on efficiency rather than quantities.

You will want to keep an eye on the types of materials used along with the finishing in place. Some form of ceramic glazing on the bowl is always a positive simply because it makes it easier to get rid of waste from the bowl along with cleaning.

There will be several types of flush systems you come across whilst researching, including those with a hands free flush, or even those that flush upwards. But the main two will be the dual and single flush. The single has a set amount of gallons pushed through the rim and bowl, whilst the dual flash has two different quantities, one is for liquid waste, whilst the other is for the removal of solid waste through the plumbing. Of course, you have many options that go without a flush, such as portable toilets, but we want to focus on units within this range first.

Toilet flush types

There are two main types you will find when searching for, both of these come with multiple sub types that makes the buying process that little bit more complex and daunting. To help our clear this up for each of our readers, we list out each below.


  • Ingenium
  • AquaPiston
  • Dual
  • Single
  • Washdown

Pressure assisted

  • Power lite
  • Numi
  • Pressure lite

Our flushing toilet reviews

We have found some excellent examples of toilets with a flush that are great for the home environment. We believe most of these cater for the majority of consumers needs whilst remaining very efficient and environmentally friendly with low water consumption.

TOTO Supreme One PieceTOTO Supreme One Piece

As you may already be well aware, the TOTO brand is one of the flushing toilet industries leading brand names. It doesn’t build up that kind of reputation without providing effective solutions for removing home waste. And it does to, with some highly rated models.

The TOTO Supreme, offers just that with a superb range of features that will effectively flush waste away fast with the use of its handy three inch valve which is quite a bit larger than your tradition two inch units, and more effective. Additionally, with the flush, it will carry out one point two eight gallons of water which is highly reduced from models in the past for reasons of water conservation, and protection of a key make up of the environment.

Design features on the specification list include a soft closing lid, an elongated bowl, and modernistic look and feel that will no doubt fit the taste of plenty of shoppers.

The price tag, considering the options included, is reasonable, but we certainly wouldn’t consider it a low budget model. Those of you with a bit of money to spend on a solid toilet, may well find this an excellent for their requirements.

Danze Orrington One PieceDanze Orrington One Piece

Interestingly, for a one piece toilet with a flush, it holds its own against the majority of its competition, and the price tag tends to reflect that, which can be seen as both a positive and a negative in terms of both quality or value. But picking a new model comes down to user preference mostly anyway.

The Danze Orrington operates on a more standard, Eco-friendly 1.28 gallon water flush, and is built with efficiency in mind with a soft close lid and a three inch flush valve.

For home use, this could be a perfect match for some consumers looking for a solid unit that gets the job done, looks great, and ultimately will stand the test of time.

American Standard Town SquareAmerican Standard Town Square

An elongated flush toilet from the American Standard brand. Looking into the main specification of offer, the simplicity of the design combined with great functionality seem to have become a winning combination for many consumers who have purchased it.

Some of these said buyers talk about the ease of installation, the high flushing power, and the overall aesthetics. All play a important part in peoples decisions when selecting a new model. However, some do talk about the price being a little high with conflicting arguments about it being worth spending the extra cash for quality.

Provides a great sitting height and alongside the elongated bowl at the front, it’s quite clearly designed with user comfort in mind. After all, no one wants to be uncomfortable on the loo.

The flush mechanism will consume 1.28 gallons of water, which meets several EPA requirements, whilst still being able to handling one thousand grams of solid waste with no problems.

Hygiene should be of an excellent standard in any modern toilet, this should include some form of cleaning, including the rim. The American Standard town square provides just that with Power Wash rim technology which is designed to trap air and pressurize the rim chambers to get rid of any bacteria lurking.

To top that all off, it’s still relatively affordable. We wouldn’t say it’s the cheapest, but we see good value here in comparison with other units in the industry. This could make a great addition to anyone bathroom.

TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One PieceTOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece

The TOTO brand have produced yet another great lavatory with some great ratings found from several sources. This is a higher end product that has all the technology and design features required for a modern bathroom. And for those reasons, it does not come cheap. Users can expect to fork out quite a lot of cash to get their hands on this unit.

As flushing toilets go, the Eco Soiree one piece has many of the characteristics and specifications included to keep consumers happy, and that is reflected by the current ratings found in various retail shops on the web.

The double cyclone flushing system it operates on is a gravity flush system which is highly effective in removing the waste from the bowl with a 1.28 gallon consumption of water every flush, which, coupled with the ceramic glazing of the bowl keep things very hygienic and clean for longer periods of time.

There is nothing too special about the design other than it gives off a nice modern vibe which would lake great in a lavatory where people are looking for lighter decorations to brighten up the room. Of course, the soft close lid included is always a welcome bonus, and the elongated bowl looks great.

OTO MS854114SG#01 Ultramax Elongated One PieceTOTO Ultramax Elongated One Piece

The TOTO Ultramax falls into the mid to upper tier price category for several reasons. The tech and design is top notch with great features to keep the bowl clean and comfortable for all people in the household.

Great glazing adds the much needed smoothness to the bowl for ease of cleaning when water is pushed into the bowl.

The G-Max flushing system has several things going for it. Not least of all the excellent quiet operation, for the early morning or late night uses without disturbing the rest of the house. Then you have what the manufacturer describes as a more commercial grade performance level which is ideal for getting rid of waste quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, a twelve inch water surface distributes the waste and keeps the unwanted odors to a minimum. A common complaint given by many looking to renovate their bathrooms.

Overall, there is quality to be found here, but we would say it’s not ideal for those of you looking to refit on a low budget, as it’s probably too expensive.

American Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual FlushAmerican Standard 2886.216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush

Any top rated flushing toilet will have a certain set of guidelines of spec additions that are required to ensure it fits the modern household. The American Standard brand have just that with this dual flush unit.

This is a right height toilet that meets both WaterSense and ADA standards in its design and will certainly meet many peoples bathroom needs with some high quality features for a lower to mid tier price point.

Before we look at the brunt of the specs included, it should be noted that the toilet seat does not come with it. So users will need to take into account extra expenses required for a seat purchase, or you may find the seat you already have in the lavatory is sufficient, which will save you money anyway.

The water consumption per flush is listed as 1.6 gallons, which is enough power to handle the day to day use whilst remaining ECO friendly, which is something we believe is equally important.

The surface of the toilet itself features a terrific ever clean surface that is great for keeping bacteria, mold and mildew at bay. All of which can present health issues and nasty odors to you.

Some older loo’s don’t come with the technology to wash the rims, often becoming a manual cleaning job for the user, which isn’t the nicest of tasks. This product however, drips water into the rim chamber from the tank which will self clean through small holes in the design. Another great design addition to fight off bacteria, and keep the water closet smelling great.


The main difficulties you will come across in your hunt for the best flushing toilet on the market, and for home use, is the great amount of choice the industry offers. The combined number of brands along with differing ways to clean the rim and bowl as well as the variety of designs, can overwhelm you. But keep in mind, when you take away the sales pitches, and look at the main specifications as outlined in this buying guide, you can’t go far wrong.