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KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron review

K-3609-0 CimarronStanding tall among the wide range of competitors in the industry is the K-3609-0 toilet which has received a fair amount of feedback from consumers since its release. It operates on AquaPiston technology and includes several features designed to stand the test of time, such as the canister which effectively reduces the amount of seal material out in the open, exposed. A sensible option for home usage and one which meets environmental standards where water is concerned.

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We list out some of the positive and negative points below to give our readers a full understanding of its specifications and if it can become a good match for your bathroom needs.

The good

A taller seating height, or comfort height design as they are known provides a nice amount of comfort and will feel much more like a natural seated position like a chair. Some people do overlook small inclusions within the design in favor of power and operation, but feeling at ease is just as important. Remember this is going to be the toilet you use for possibly years to come. The other advantage of this is that getting up and sitting down becomes an easier task, and is more accessible than traditional options.

On the subject of comfort, the bowl is elongated which is well known to offer added space and leg room in most cases.

The bowl will get a good clean by utilizing the AquaPiston canister that will force water into the bowl from every side, leaving it clean, hygienic, and helping it produce a far more effective flush to get rid of waste.

Unlike the old style flushing systems, this makes smart use of lower amounts of water to achieve a flush which is just as powerful but will play its part in saving water. So if looking after the environment is on your list, and it should be, that box is ticked. To give you an idea, this would save around seventeen thousand gallons per year, dependent on usage.

A nice two piece design with a white finish allows it to look great and in line with bright bathroom trends.

The bad

Not the cheapest, but at the same time, not particularly expensive for a toilet with these features. Low budget shoppers may want to check elsewhere. There are many alternatives available.


All in all, the K-3609-0 holds its own when you compare features and specs from the competition in this price range. Eco friendly, modern design, and obtainable for anyone working with a medium budget.