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KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston review

K-3754-0Those among you who are fans of the elongated bowl and comfort height seating design will appreciate many of the features that the K-3754-0 provides. Picking a toilet need not be difficult as long as you set yourself a clear budget and outline the main functions and specifications you’re looking for.

This model offers a comfortable solution that rids waste from the bowl effectively using its class five flushing technology. Not only that, but it also manages to look effortlessly modern, with a white finish and two piece design.

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Main features

So, what can consumers expect to find included within their purchase? Will it meet the high standards of previous Kohler designs? Lets take a look at some of the main selling points below.

The first thing we came across whilst researching its main capabilities, was the flushing power and technology used. To give a little more insight into this, you can expect one point six gallons of water to be used through AquaPiston flushing technology. Smaller consumption of water looks after the environment and will still effectively flush out waste from the bowl. The trip lever is located on the left hand side.

The exterior looks smart, and quite modern with the combination of a two piece design, elongated bowl, and a white finish made from china. Certainly for those readers here wanting to bring a sense of style to the bathroom may appreciate it.

However, the elongated style isn’t just there for looks alone. It’s put in place alongside the taller seating to ensure users are comfortable in their visits to the bathroom. The bowl provided a welcome bit of extra leg room, and the extra height making sitting down and standing up far easier on key joints.

The toilet size should form a large part of your research because there will ultimately not be a one size fits all solution. It’s always recommended you check the rough in size along with the amount of space you have in the area of installation before you make a purchase. However, to give readers a rough idea of how much space this particular model will take up, the dimensions are listed as follows: 30 inches by 16.8 inches by 30.5 inches.

However, with all the positives, there are usually some negatives to go with it. Here are some extra things you should take into consideration before you buy. The first being that there is no supply line included, and the second being that there isn’t a toilet seat too. Not a deal breaker, but something that definitely needs to be considered.


For a loo in the mid tier price range, the K-3754-0 includes many of the features we consider to lay the foundations in the hunt for a new toilet. It doesn’t use up too much water, has a decent flush power, and is designed with user comfort in mind.