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KOHLER K-3816-0 Memoirs review

K-3816-0Aside from a well known, reputable brand, what other positives can we attribute to the K-3816-0 toilet? Well to start with, there are certainly several comfort features that will help users feel at ease and comfortable in their bathroom visits.

Secondly, it’s quite clear to us that this is a design that has plenty of modern specifications that includes the low water consumption, and of course the block like tank that is what we feel a great design feature.

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Main features

With growing concerns about household goods effecting the environment, it’s always nice to see a brand make the effort to do their part individually. By this, we mean the 1.28 gallon flush which is certainly far more efficient then previous flushes from the past. The amount of water saved over the course of the toilets lifespan will be quite significant.

It’s also important to note that this is a twelve inch rough in loo.

A comfort height seat, will play its part in keeping the user comfortable whilst seated and for some people make a big difference in getting up and sitting down on the seat. Not everyone has the same mobility needs, so a higher seat that’s more like a chair is a welcome design addition.

The flushing performance has been listed as class five. This means that it can deal with large quantities of waste in bulk and rinse the bowl very effectively, leaving it clean and hygienic for later use.

The exterior is one of our favorite features of this particular unit. The tank is stylish and includes a minimalist trip lever to flush. Then there is the bowl area which is elongated to add overall user comfort, whilst looking modern at the same time.


When we look through all the specifications, there are few areas we can fault it. However, one thing to watch out for is its price tag. Falling at slightly above average in our view, which may force a decision for buyers about drawing a line between features and value for money.

However, all things taken into account, this offers all the necessities, with a strong flush mechanism, nice look and feel, and looks fantastic.