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KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham review

K-3950-0A lot of consumers these days want something that functions well in a average modern bathroom. It’s no use buying a toilet with all the latest technology and design features, only to find the durability isn’t up to scratch or to find it’s not as environmentally friendly as you may of liked.

The K-3950-0 does appear to offer a sensible set of specs that, at first glance, keep to water consumption standards in the industry and upholding an effective design with a great flush system.

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To help our readers find out if this unit is the right choice for their needs, we highlight the main specifications below.

Main features

Highly efficient – For those of you unfamiliar with this term and what it potentially means for you, this means that it consumes and makes use of far less water than older style loo’s but still achieving an effective flush that leaves the bowl clear of waste. Great for the environment. In fact, putting it into figures, this will consume around 1.28 gallons per flush which is quite impressive and will meet the WaterSense standard requirements. In fact, you could be saving up to sixteen and a half thousand gallons of water per year in a household.

Style – The Tresham range from Kohler, offers a unique exterior design that isn’t overly complex and adds a stylish touch to any bathroom. Lets not forget, combined with lighter tiles and paint, the white color can really help in brightening up a dark room.

Comfort – Keep comfortable thanks to the comfort height seating. This style seating is a simple concept, but one that isn’t always on offer in older variants. They are taller toilets that are aimed at ensuring people find it easy to sit and stand up on them and as the name depicts,  keep the user comfortable.

Warranty information – Comes with a one year warranty policy that gives ease of mind in the event that something goes wrong with your product.


This is a decent model that includes a low flow flush, that will ensure savings are made on water usage, plus a excellent two piece design that looks fantastic. The downside we feel is that this will be a little bit pricey for some users. And with multiple options available on the market offering similar features, we advise you to ensure you have read several other reviews before you make any finalized decision.