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KOHLER K-3989-0 Wellworth review

K-3989-0 Wellworth HighlineThe K-3989-0 is a two piece toilet from the popular KOHLER brand. The inclusion of some great specs like the added height for comfort and low amounts of water consumed when flushed. A sensible option for use at home with a modern exterior that comes with a nice white finish and is made from Vitreous China.

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The good

Consumption – Like several other options from this brand name, it features a smart flushing system that utilizes less water but still provides a very effective flush to rid the bowl of both solid and liquid waste. To give you an idea of water consumed, it maxes out at 1.6 gallons, but also offers a more efficient mode of 1.1 gallons which is the sensible option for liquid waste. Using the lower amount over the 1.6 reduces the amount of water by up to four thousand gallons over the period of a year which is quite significant.

Elongated bowl – The elongated bowl will allow your legs to feel more natural whilst seated and provide extra leg room around the sides of the bowl for added comfort.

Design – This is a two piece set which means you have two separate pieces, the tank and bowl, which join together. The design itself comes in a white finish which gives it a modern feel.

Comfort height – Like the additional comfort provided by the elongated design, a taller seating height will offer a much more natural feeling whilst sitting down and standing up. Much like a chair. Those of you who tend to have mobility issues, or even joint problems, tall toilets are good options for taking a lot of the stress from the muscles and joints.

Brand – Although this shouldn’t be taken as a selling point, because no two model specific products are the same, a well known brand with plenty of good reviews in the past will help build consumer trust. And that is certainly the case with Kohler, who have produced a wide range of toilets that have gone on to be among the best sellers on several online retailers websites.

Dimensions – Not too bulky, measuring at 29.8 inches by 18 inches by 31.2 inches.

The bad

Warranty – With a 1 year limited warranty,you aren’t covered for long.

Price – When you consider the competition, you can see this is one of the options that are priced above the average. Not recommended for those looking for a bargain.


Our favorite part of the K-3989-0 is the choice you get between two flushing powers. It allows users to pick between a lower flush for liquid and heavier for solid waste. n doing so, there is plenty of water savings to be made. Overall, a good toilet, but one that doesn’t come particularly cheap.