Toilet cleaning tips

Keeping your bathroom clean, hygienic and fresh should be of high importance to you and the overall well being of your family members. Listed below, we give a few pointers to help people give their toilets a thorough cleaning to give them the shine they once had at point of purchase.

  1. Flush – first things first, flush the loo a few times to give the bowl a basic wash and rid any waste left in the water.
  2. Gloves on – Hygiene standards shouldn’t go out the window in an environment full of germs. Make sure you get some rubber gloves on your hands.
  3. All purpose cleaner – Get your hands on some all purpose cleaner from your local store. This usually comes in spray form. You will be using this to clean the exterior such as the tank and outer parts. Spray it from top to bottom and clean thoroughly using cloth or clean paper towels. Pay attention to areas cleaned and try to get to areas that can be harder to reach as these can be locations where bacteria can thrive.
  4. Bowl cleaner – Buy a bowl cleaning product from the store. Squirt or spray it into the bowl and let it sit for a set amount of time. (This is usually mentioned on the bottles label).
  5. Brush – Use a toilet brush to clean the bowl. Be as thorough as possible in this step to eliminate as much of the bacteria and odor as possible.
  6. Rinse – Rinse your brush by flushing placing it in the water as you flush.

This is the simplest, most effective way I know of cleaning my toilet, and it consumes very little time too. I do this weekly, and this is usually enough to keep the air fresh and the bathroom area sanitary.