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Toilet terminology

ADA – Americans with disabilities act.

American Standard – A well known brand in the industry producing a wide range of products. Find out more about them here.

Comfort height – A taller product that is more of a chair height for added comfort and accessibility. Often ADA compliant. Read the guide.

Dual flush – Two separate levels of power to remove either solid or liquid waste. Learn more about the various flushing toilets here.

Elongated bowl – Elongated bowls typically take more of an oval shape and are designed to ensure people are comfortable whilst sitting down on the seat.

GPF – Gallons per flush. How much water it uses to flush away the waste water effectively.

High efficiency – The type of toilet that consumes very little water with each flush. They are environmentally friendly and typically use 1.28 gallons with each flush. Read more here.

KOHLER – Popular manufacturer in the industry. You can learn more about them here.

Rough in – The distance between the wall and the waste pipe outlet. Measure from the wall to the closest bolt to find yours. Have a look at the 10″ options here.

Round bowl – Round bowls refer to the shape of the toilet bowl. They are typically compact and save space well.

TOTO – Another leading brand on the market, that produce a wide range of bathroom fixtures. Learn more about them here.

Touchless – A type of flush technology that allows you to rid the bowl of waste completely hands free. Find out more here.

Wall mounted – Ability to be hung up on the wall and have no attachments to the floorboards. Learn more.