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Toto CST454CUFG#01 Drake II review

CST454CUFG#01Something we recommend our readers always do before they part with their money is to check out consumer feedback from retailers on the web. What you often find is important information that would be otherwise hidden to buyers. Things like flaws and positives from real users can be found. One thing that struck us about the CST454CUFG#01 is that it’s received plenty of reviews, many of which are of a more positive nature, which is a good start.

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Main features

From the popular Drake II range of TOTO, this combines a whole range of great specs to ensure user comfort requirements are met, as well as achieving a good gravity based flush that effectively removes waste from the water.

Before you settle on this unit however, you will want to take into account that a seat isn’t included. Which is a shame, as it means an extra expense is included that some products don’t have. However, we believe the features make up for it.

This is a ADA compliant model, which can also be known as universal height. It is designed to ensure accessibility is on point and the seat not being too low down for users that may have mobility, or muscular-skeleton issues.

Additionally, SanaGloss glazing will ensure the powerful, double cyclone, flush effectively clears the bowl, and cleans / rinses it effectively. According to the manufacturer, it also offers a reasonably quiet flush too.


If feedback from consumers is anything to go by, this model clearly has a lot of fans. We think the specifications included make this a decent toilet for home use, and one that’s not overly expensive either.