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TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia review

CT418F#01 AquiaFinding a toilet to save space can often be challenging. Luckily, there are some designed on the market that are purposefully designed for lowering space consumption in the bathroom. These are known as wall hanging toilets, and are well suited for this requirement. Great news for those of you who live in a smaller home where there is very little room to work with.

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The good

There are plenty of good things that can be said about the CT418F#01 from the Aquia range of TOTO. Aside from the obvious wall mounting features of the design, there is also a great amount of specifications that allows it to work well in quite an enclosed environment. A very good choice for smaller bathrooms.

The dual max flushing system plays its part in limiting the amount of water consumption in each flush. The official figures are along the lines of 1.6 gallons for the heavier, more powerful flush, and 0.9 gallons for the lighter flush for liquid waste. A nice addition that will stop people wasting water unnecessarily.

Whilst it may not be seen as the largest, or most technologically advanced toilet, it does offer design attributes that ensure the consumer is comfortable and has enough leg room. For example, this particular model is noted as being universal height, and provides an elongated bowl. Both are important features that will ensure users are at ease and comfortable whilst seated.

A nice white finish goes well with its unique shape. It makes a change to the standard options that sometimes feel a bit too rectangular with the tank. What’s more the dimensions give an insight into whether or not it’s a good size for your own bathroom with measurements of 21 inches by 14.2 inches by 15 inches. Not everyone is spoiled for space, so this reasonably compact design will be a hit with some.

Price wise, this is what we consider being on the low end of the medium budget scale. It’s not quite going to be a bargain bin option, but it’s also obtainable for most home owners looking to modernize their lavatories.

The reviews and ratings found online so far in our research are mainly positive. A very good sign. However, there isn’t quite strength in depth in that area when compared to the most popular toilets in the industry.

The bad

As mentioned previously, there is no depth in consumer feedback. From what we have gathered in our research so far, some users complained it required more than one flush to clean the bowl effectively.

Another thing mentioned was that it’s quite difficult to install. This is quite understandable, wall hung toilets are naturally going to require a little more effort when attaching it to the wall than your standard floor based units.