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TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II review

The MS604114CEFG#01 is another highly rated TOTO toilet of the Ultramax II range. For home use, this product is ideal with a whole range of user friendly features that ensure cleanliness and performance are a given. Whilst researching around for similar products from this manufacturer to use in comparisons, this is quite clearly one of the more popular options for consumers. That can be put down to many reasons, not least of all its functionality, flush, and design.

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We always look for both the positives and negatives in our reviews to give a much more thorough overview of a toilets capabilities. Listed below are our findings.

Good points

This is a model which plays its part in saving water. It’s WaterSense approved and will only consume one point two eight gallons per flush. That’s tiny when you compare to some of the older style options, and when the masses have similar products installed in their homes, the amount saved every year will be rather significant.

This model features in our top toilets list, which looks at all round performance from many points of view. This can range from value for money, through to user comfort, flush power, and design. To find out why it lands in that list, you will have to read it.

The height is noted as universal height by the manufacturer which should be high on your list of priorities when shopping anyway. After all, who wants to be uncomfortable in their bathroom visits? I know I don’t, so a good height for sitting down is always welcome.

The flushing system used is actually a double cyclone system which is very effective in cleaning the bowl and removing waste. If you’re looking for something that has a better chance at being clean and bacteria free, this combined with its SanaGloss surface will do a fantastic job towards achieving that. This also means it can often be somewhat quiet in its operation. Great news for late night bathroom visits.

For additional comfort reasons, it has an elongated bowl which gives plenty of leg room whilst seated. If you’ve ever sat on a square or large round loo, you will appreciate that small design changes like this can make all the difference.

A nice modern design that comes in cotton white color. Should really blend in with your average households lavatory decorations, paint, and tile combinations. Simple, minimalist look, but it really does work.

Plenty of consumer feedback and ratings can be found all around the web from plumbing forums, to retailers. The majority of said feedback does tend to be positive at this moment in time which is always a good starting point.

Bad points

For some, this may be a bit too expensive. It should be noted that there are plenty of great options in the industry that can be found at half this price. However, when you go down the budget ladder, you can expect to lose some quality and performance too. So really, this will come down to user preferences.


Overall, a great toilet that can work well in the home setting. A simple flushing system with minimum water consumption can be a worthwhile investment for anyone overhauling their bathroom design. But, as always, we recommend comparing it with its numerous competitors before you buy.