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Toto MS624214CEFG#01 Legato review

MS624214CEFG#01When researching into various loo’s the market has to offer, you will want to take into account several pieces of information that will help you understand whether or not a unit is a good fit for your bathroom. This includes the rough in size, which should naturally match up.

The MS624214CEFG#01 is a one piece toilet from the TOTO brand that is built for twelve inch rough ins and includes a decent set of specs that focus on user comfort and usability.

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To help our readers get a fuller understanding of the specifications that come with this unit, we have outlined the main features below.

Main features

Elongated bowl – The elongated style bowl gives a extra bit of legroom in bathrooms where space is premium. Aside from giving users more space whilst seated, this also plays a role in how comfortable you feel sitting down. For example, square options, or overly round bowls provide an unnatural seated stance which doesn’t put the user at ease.

Finish – The white finish on the bowl is coated with SanaGloss which does a great job in fighting off mold and bacteria. It also plays a part in making it easier to clean.

Low flow – With a flush of 1.28 gallons, this is clearly a water saving option, which is something we always recommend our readers to choose over standard options. You would be surprised the difference it makes over long periods of time.

ADA compliant – Always a plus point and ensures it’s accessible for most people. The seat height for example is one problem these types of toilets tackle and ensure sitting and standard doesn’t become too much of a problem.

Design – One thing you may already of noticed, is the design. A white exterior with a nice shape on the tank and bowl complete this modern, one piece design. It’s reasonably compact too with listed dimensions of 28.5 inches by 17.2 inches by 28 inches.


A decent option for the modern household. It comes from a reputable brand, and offers a nice design with a water saving flush system. However, be sure to keep tabs on the competition as the prices vary a lot and gems can be found elsewhere.