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WoodBridge Toilet Reviews 2021

WoodBridge bath are a company that build a great selection of hardware for your bathroom. This includes toilets and bidets with a number of features that add a touch of convenience to your home. We’ve analyzed some of their products below by looking deeper into their specifications.

Our ratings

WoodBridge T-0001 8/10
WoodBridge T-0737 8/10


The T-0001 gives users a chance to save water by using the dual flush system to their advantage. This is a increasingly popular method to clear waste due to the lower volumes of water being used day to day. For liquids, you don’t have to use a full flush, instead, you can utilize the partial flush which is significantly more efficient. In fact, the 1.0 GPF flow rate is more efficient than the majority of low flow options out there.

The bowl is also taller than the standard measurements. In fact, this is universal height, adding the much needed inches to the bowl so that disabled users can sit down with less stress on their body.

You won’t need to worry about the additional expense of getting a seat either. The T-0001 has a seat that comes with it. The great thing about this style of seat is its ability to close slowly. You couldn’t slam it shut if you tried.


The T-0737 should only really be considered if you’re working with a bigger budget. Compared to your average toilet, this will usually be more expensive due to the technological improvements attached to it.

It has a one piece design, which does a great job of removing the trapway from view. In fact, there is skirting around every edge, giving it a seamless, stylish feel that looks great.

Similar to the T-0001, this uses a siphon ACTION, 1.0 / 1.6 GPF combination to flush out waste. If you average it down, you see that it’s highly efficient and uses just 1.28 GPF.

The bidet is the most impressive part of its design in our opinion. This is a more modern take on bathroom hygiene, allowing people to use jets of water to spray themselves clean. This water temperature can be changed between five different settings so that you feel comfortable.

The nozzle that shoots the jets cleans itself, which is handy, and you also have the ability to change up the water pressure.

What else?

Rough in – You should have knowledge of your bathrooms measurements and layout before you begin spending your cash. The rough in measurement is very important because if you do it wrong, you’ll be left with large gaps behind your toilet. We have written some guides for the three most common sizes and how to measure for them. Read more here: 10″, 12″, 14″.

Bowl shape – As a general rule of thumb, elongated bowls are for user comfort and support. Round shaped bowls are better for saving floor space.

How much water does it use? – If you’re somebody who cares about the environment, you should get yourself a low flow product. How do you find out the volume of water being used? The manufacturer lists it in their specs. It will usually be in a format of numbers with decimal places followed by GPF, which stands for gallons per flush. The most efficient units use less than 1.28 gallons and have special WaterSense labels on them. Over the years, you can save so much water that it makes a noticeable difference to how much you’re paying on utility bills. Saving money is always a positive.


Woodbridge have made some great toilets. Buyers can benefit from the economically friendly nature of their designs. What’s more, the flushes are effective for the removal of waste in bulk. But how do they compare to the top brands on the market, find out here.